Floorworks® at Louis Stokes Veteran Affairs Medical Center

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The Louis Stokes Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio provides life-saving medical treatments and rehabilitation services for more than 100,000 veterans each year. For over 45 years, the Medical Center has functioned as a hospital, medical laboratory, rehabilitation clinic and office building. In 1997, it became obvious to Medical Center Executives that the entire hospital had to be updated to meet community standards, and more space was needed to accommodate the annual patient load that had tripled in size within a decade.

Construction began on the 8 floor, 370,700 square foot Wade Park VA CARES Tower in May of 2008 as part of a multi-phase $500 million renovation and expansion project for the Cleveland VA Medical Center. Objectives for the VA’s Interior Design Department were to create a facility that was not only more functional but more modern and welcoming than the previous stark, white walled and white floored facility.

To provide a setting that would stimulate recovery and positive moods, the Design Team pursued products with warm and inviting colors that would not compromise durability, hygiene and easy maintenance routines. Diane Carrozza, VA Interior Designer, considered a variety of LVT flooring products to set the tone for the clean and comforting environment they were seeking. After evaluating many options, Diane decided to use Floorworks® from Mats Inc. for its superior quality, authentic wood look and extensive range of colors. She chose three complementary Floorworks® Planks colors to create an exclusive and contemporary flooring design throughout hallways and patient rooms.

Goals for the Wade Park VA Medical Center CARES Tower had been met when the doors opened in the spring of 2011.


ProShield at Sam Houston State

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For the 17,000 active students at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, the Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum serves as the epicenter for campus activities.  With gleaming maple hardwood basketball courts and 6,110 seating capacity, the Coliseum hosts events from basketball tournaments to job fairs and commencement ceremonies.

Serving as the University’s basketball arena first and conference center second, special attention was paid to protect the maple basketball courts in Johnson Coliseum.  Before any event, plant and facilities professionals spent hours rolling out the floor protection that was covered in wine and dirt stains and torn from chairs and high heeled shoes from previous functions.  However once laid out, the rolled floor covering provided little in the way of overall flooring protection, and gaps between the sheets caused tripping hazards.  In 2010, in order to present a clean and safe facility for commencement, the decision was made to replace the old rolled floor protection, with its stains, indentations and surface cuts.

Mr. Ed Chatal, Associate Director for Facilities, Recreation Sports, along with the Director of Recreation and Director of Plant began to research options for flooring protection products that would not wear, puck or stain easily, were quick and easy to setup and were aesthetically pleasing.  Gathering numerous samples, including new rolled products and heavy rubber puzzle piece tiles, and travelling to product demonstrations, the Recreation and Facilities members were won over by Proshield from Mats Inc., as the giant-size tiles made setup a breeze, provided unmatched protection and could be easily cleaned of scuff marks and dirt and debris.

“Everyone on campus has enjoyed the difference ProShield has made over other floor coverings in the past,” stated Mr. Ed Chatal.  ProShield provided the necessary protection to avoid damage to the maple court flooring during non-basketball events, minimized preparation and setup time for functions and improved the arena acoustics.

Advanced Track at Union Station

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Since 1925, Union Station has served as the primary terminal for commuter trains in the city of Chicago, Illinois.  With grand architecture and ornate features, Union Station stands as a testament to the opulence and grandeur of the early 20th century.

As with any historical structure, routine maintenance and restorations are necessary for preservation.  When foot grilles on the station’s underground platforms began bowing, jeopardizing passengers’ safety and making the transportation of equipment and luggage impossible, management knew they had to take action.  The purpose of the foot grilles was to capture dirt and debris from passengers’ shoes to prevent damage to the travertine flooring in the concourse.

In 2010, Union Station management enlisted the help of Kim Miller, Project Architect at Hydzik Schade Associates, to replace the failing foot grilles with ones that would trap dirt and debris, withstand the daily foot traffic of the thousands of passengers and support the weight of heavy train machinery and equipment.  Kim had faced similar conditions in previous projects, and the Pro Track series from Mats Inc. was a collection of foot grille products that she had come to trust and rely on.  With its cross-bolt construction to sustain the weight of the equipment, a combination of aluminum scraping bars and fiber wiping bars to remove dirt and debris, and dozens of fiber insert design and color options, Kim selected the Advanced Track model with Boston-Kenmore Charcoal inserts.

“My client has been extremely happy since the installation of Advanced Track,” stated Kim Miller.  “Advanced Track’s durable construction eliminated the potential for buckling and tripping hazards and minimized maintenance and damage to the travertine floors in the concourse.”

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Mats Inc. Named Master U.S. Distributor for 3M™ Nomad™ Matting and 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Work Area Matting

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Mats Inc. today announced a master distribution agreement with 3M™.

The agreement names Mats Inc. as the exclusive master distributor for all 3M™ Nomad™ Matting and 3M™ Safety-Walk™ products in the U.S.  Acclaimed for innovation and reliability, 3M™ has been supplying the Nomad™ Matting™ and Safety-Walk™ products to help facilities personnel maintain cleaner, safer facilities for more than 30 years.  3M™ distributors will be able to take advantage of the deep stocking levels, world-class service and expertise of a company that has been a formidable leader in the commercial matting and flooring industry for more than 40 years.

At the same time, Mats Inc. has announced that it has become the new producer of the 5000, 6500 and the 8850 Carpet Matting.  Using high quality fibers, exceptionally durable backing and stringent manufacturing standards, Mats Inc. will continue the tradition of the products.  Customers will now have a variety of additional options to customize the matting products, including special sizes, nosing choices and designs in almost any shape.

“We’re obviously excited about this partnership,” said Scott Robichaud, President of Mats Inc.  “With 3M’s superior manufacturing capability and quality, and Mats Inc’s passion and leadership in the matting industry, we will be able to help countless customers create complete and effective entrance systems.” 

Mats Inc. will market the products to approved partners and accounts serving the healthcare, education, retail and enterprise vertical markets. Products will be stocked at Mats Inc’s Calhoun, GA warehouse facility and will be available beginning in February. 

About Mats Inc.

Mats Inc. is a privately held business headquartered in Massachusetts with additional distribution facilities in Georgia and sales offices throughout the United States.  For more than 40 years, Mats Inc. has delivered quality entrances systems, matting and flooring solutions through a network of dealers and distributors to commercial markets.  For more information about Mats Inc., visit www.matsinc.com

Media Contact:

Mats Inc.

Christine Turkington

37 Shuman Avenue

Stoughton, MA 02072

(781) 573-0223


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Jina’s Gym: Renovations with Debolon MP

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Asbestos flooring tiles coming unglued, a scoreboard that had not worked in years, and the deflated wall padding was a sure sign that the Lamoine Consolidated School gymnasium in Lamoine, Maine was in complete disrepair.

The space was the epicenter of the community’s activities and events, in addition to being used by the school as both gymnasium and cafeteria, and long overdue for renovation.  With no funding available and a desire to honor the memory of his granddaughter, Jina Haslam, longtime Lamoine resident, Bill Neleski, became devoted to the project.  Bill garnered support from the community and spent 5 years raising the money needed to renovate the gym.

The Board of Jina’s Gym Inc., with Bill as Chairman, began their research to identify the best products for the multipurpose gymnasium, giving particular attention to the largest component of the renovation with the most difficult demands, the flooring.   The team gathered samples and visited locations that were using various types of flooring products to thoroughly evaluate their options.  Hardwood flooring would have been a great choice for sport activities, but would quickly become damaged with pitting from shoes and scratches from tables and chairs.  The Board also considered rubber flooring varieties, but feared the rubber would tear and slice from the constant repositioning of bleachers and equipment.  After meticulous evaluation, the team selected Debolon MP from Mats Inc. for its authentic wood look, high traffic rating and sports performance features.  The Board of Jina’s Gym Inc and the school’s facility personnel continue to be pleased with their Debolon MP flooring choice and report that it minimizes maintenance routines, provides a safe playing surface for sporting events, and offers a beautiful surface for community events without the fear of damage or denting.

“The flooring had to be truly all purpose,” said Bill Neleski. “It’s everything I thought it would be.”

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Introducing Floorworks Strip Wood Collection by Mats Inc.

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The Latest Addition to the Floorworks® Product Line.

The new Floorworks® Strip Wood Collection provides designers with a stylish and distinctive LVT pattern that is versatile enough to harmonize with both traditional and contemporary interior designs.  Offered in a range of six color choices, the unique Strip Wood planks feature all the benefits of resilient flooring with an authentic hardwood appearance.  Floorworks® is a FloorScore® certified flooring product that is manufactured in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facility using the highest quality films, a 20-mil wear layer and UV-cured polyurethane coating.

“This collection is a direct result of listening to the design community and we are excited to introduce these new colors,” stated JoAnn Durette, Director of Marketing at Mats Inc. “Strip Wood is a beautiful addition to the other Floorworks® collections and we are thankful to all of the individuals that helped us bring it to life.”

Since its inception in 2009, Floorworks® has proven to be a frontrunner in the United States Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) market.  As an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to hardwood and a considerable improvement over Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), Floorworks® plank and tile products have been installed in fitness clubs, hospitals, churches, restaurants, hotels, condominiums, retail stores and more.

The Floorworks® Collections by Mats Inc. offer the highest quality resilient plank and tile flooring on the market.  Coming in a wide variety of wood, stone and metal designs, the Floorworks® flooring products emulate the look and feel of materials found in nature while providing superior wear performance, easy maintenance and long lasting durability.  Planks and tiles are easy to install and can be used individually or combined together to create beautiful and unique flooring solutions.  Mats Inc. carries more than 90 Floorworks® colors and designs in stock and offers a QuickShip inventory program for immediate delivery of specific planks and tiles frequently necessary on sizeable fast track projects.

Visit our website for more information http://www.matsinc.com or contact us at info@matsinc.com/

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Play It Safe! Playground Tiles from Mats Inc.

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Anticipating the arrival of Spring and the children that would follow, the Engineering Department at York Hospital in Pennsylvania prepared to replace the rotting wood chips in the hospital’s playground.  Fred Way, the Head of Engineering, decided it was a good opportunity to consider alternative surface materials to address the costly annual maintenance, as well as the safety issues they had been experiencing.  Children were eating the wood chips, which evidently are difficult and painful to digest, and the wood chips were pushed around the playground causing low spots, removing the protection in those areas.

The team evaluated a number of surface options including rubber mulch and various types of outdoor tiles.

The rubber mulch would last longer than the wood but it was small enough that it could be eaten and it would still move around, allowing low spots and exposed ground.   To reduce the potential for injury and skinned knees, they tested the density and texture of a variety of outdoor tiles for both impact absorption and abrasiveness.  At last, the engineering team concluded that Playground Tiles from Mats Inc. would be the solution to solve all of their safety and maintenance concerns.

Working with Playground tiles for the first time, the installation team from Worden and Shewell put tiles in place in only a day and a half. “It was a really nice product to use, and the ease of the installation was key,” stated installer Brian Mummert.

In less than two days, Fred Way was able to re-open the playground that was now safer, more attractive and would not have to be replaced for many years to come.


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